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Its been both a heart warming journey as well as a challenging one to establish blueberry plants our Community waits for each season and juggle it with the thefts and costs we have had to face. With the passing of my husband Andy Landerman, I find myself , looking at the critical needs of the farm and need your support. with erratic heat and the Drought our last season was cut short by 40%. This is the year we must rejuvenate the soil and replace some of the plants hurt by weather, hand weed 10 acres and prune! Barnraiser has offered to start a crowdfunding project and we hope you will support us at:



Your contribution allows us to

  • Rejuvenate the soil
  • Hand weed our plants all 10 acres! -blueberries have shallow roots
  • Prune in readiness for the Spring
  • Plant a variety of other specialty crops to extend the growing season.

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Tell your friends and family about us. We need Community to support us at this time. For more information please check out Barnraiser at the following url: